Double your internet speed with Bonded ADSL Internet

We solve slow & unresponsive internet issues for businesses all over Australia.

Our bonded internet solutions combine multiple internet connections to create one super fast connection.

What benefits does a bonded internet solution offer?

Productivity Increase

Unproductive staff can cost the company money, the more time staff spend waiting for files to download or email attachments to send is time wasted that could be used on other tasks.

With our bonded internet solutions businesses can double their internet speed, allowing staff to work faster and get more done.

Faster internet increase productivity and reduces wait times.


Extra Network Control

The hardware included in our bonded internet solutions allows our experienced technicians to control bandwidth on your onnections. Prioritise certain users and applications to ensure they always receive the fastest speeds.

In order to minimise downtime in your business we also include free 24/7 monitoring with our bonded internet solutions. If your internet connection goes down our techs will be notified and the issue will be resolved.

Our bonded internet solutions offer great features…

Quick Downloads

Spend less time waiting for files to download with our bonded internet solutions. Read More…


Network Control

Our bonded internet solutions offer the ability to prioritise certain users and applications to ensure they always receive the fastest speeds. Read More…


Better Security

Protect your network from malicious attacks with our extra security added free with our bonded internet solutions. Read More…

Quicker Uploads

Uploading files and sending emails are significantly quicker with our bonded internet solutions. Read More…


Emergency Failover

By combining multiple internet connections we can offer extra redundancy, if one connection fails the rest keep you online. Read More…

Faster Networking

Our hardware allows us to optimise your businesses network to increase file sharing and access speeds. Read More…

Here’s what our customers are saying…

Customer Photo

Mark Baker


“Absolutely fantastic service from these guys – absolutely awesome business who deserve to grow and prosper – I’d have no problem wholeheartedly recommending BondedInternet to any colleagues or friends. Thanks so much!”

Customer Photo

Paul Carter

CasuarinaSalt Chiropractic

“Awesome, efficient service. Really got their finger on the pulse for the needs of small businesses. Highly recommend these guys (and you don’t have to deal with your ISP directly).”

Customer Photo

Andrew Hughes


“Wow ..It all sounded good in writing, then when we got started and I had the pleasure of this service handed over to me. I couldn’t believe that there are still people out there that are passionate about what they do and don’t walk around with blinkers on”

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